I know it's only a rock 'n roll face scrub but I like it, I really do. And so does my lady. This stuff does things to the skin you can only dream about.

And it's all thanks to Triumph & Disaster. 'Men's Grooming Award' winner Rock & Roll Face Scrub features a hardworking concoction of volcanic ash and clay which reveals fresh layers of good skin as it works to clean out pores and remove impurities. Delivering a sense of nostalgia through its bespoke natural Smoke and Wood scent, this scrub can leave you daydreaming about the time you danced in the dark to The Boss and his E Street Band at Glastonbury in 2009, or take you back to that once-in-a-lifetime helicopter flight over Kīlauea Volcano.

In any case, there's a magic to the scrub that arises from the volcanic ash. It acts as a natural abrasive that is seriously what you want from a hard working face scrub. Combined with natural clays for deep exfoliation, this is rock 'n roll all the way and the kind of skincare product that should be a staple item in every mans bathroom! Just hide it from your significant other.

T&D recommends twice per week! Once for business, another for pleasure. Start on a Monday, and finish up on a Friday to end the week feeling fresh. Lather up, then rub into the face and pores for a deep cleanse. Rinse thoroughly.

We (love and) recommend pairing with Gameface to lock in moisture.

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