Whether you are meeting someone new, heading out on a daytime adventure for Valentine's Day, are on your 5th date or taking your partner out for date night there's one thing you can control - your men's grooming routine. 

Put your best foot forward with these Date Night / Essential Men's Grooming tips:

1. Shower
This is non-negotiable! A refreshing soap bar like Baxter of California's Vitamin Cleansing Bar (Italian Lime and Pomegranate) is great on the body and gentle enough for use on the face. The scent is delectable and will leave you feeling all of those Med Sea feels! 

2. Hair tidy up and style
Head down to your local barbershop or hairdresser a few days ahead of your date. We recommend at least 5 days prior to allow for your style to settle. Post shower and style, we recommend Tucker Browne's Matte Paste Strong Hold for an epic set and scent to go with!

3. To shave or not to shave?
That really depends on your style! If you keep a beard however, it should be neatly trimmed and tidy. The Triumph and Disaster Old Fashioned Shaving Cream is a crowd favourite. Unique aromas of old school medicinal notes, bright, fresh citrus tones and a hint of Turkish barbershop at the back end, evoke a sense of tradition and nostalgia befitting a gentleman's date night ritual.

4. Skin hydration
Be sure to show your face some love with a refreshing, hydrating moisturiser. Follow with a high quality eye cream. Our favourite Australian skincare by Saint Romeo is an excellent choice with their all natural ingredient and scents reminiscent of a day spa.

4. Odd hairs
Niggly nose or ear hairs? Trimming these back ahead of date night are just one of those things that need attention

5. Nails
It goes without saying that your nails should be clear of any dirt, cuticles neat. A manicure is perhaps the most underrated concept in men's grooming but one that you might just enjoy!

6. Mouth freshness
Be sure to swig some of your favourite mouthwash after brushing your teeth. If you haven't tried Italian brand Marvis, they're peppermint mouthwash will absolutely knock your socks off!

7. Fragrance
The key to fragrance or perfume is to not douse yourself in it. A few sprays should be enough to keep you in check for the duration of your date.

8. Relax!
Inhale and exhale slowly, enjoy the few hours ahead! 

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