Triumph & Disaster

Triumph & Disaster Silvertip Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush


As it is between an artist and their muse, the relationship between shave brush and face is a sacred one. Triumph & Disaster's Silvertip Synthetic Fibre Shaving Brush is state of the art*, the ultimate tool to apply your shave cream like a pro.

You'll be able to generate a rich, warm lather that softens and lifts the facial hair, making for a far more efficient use of your shave cream and an altogether better shaving experience.

What is more, you will be shaving guilt-free, safe in the knowledge that no badger/goat/horse or boar was harmed in the process. You may even find yourself uttering that familiar catchphrase that goes something like "Once you go synthetic, you'll never go back!"

- Rinse well after use and shake to remove excess moisture. Store in a dry place in preparation for your next shave. 

*German-made with the absolute latest technological advances this synthetic brush handles better than those made of animal hair, we truly believe this and you can believe us when we say we searched high and low for a brush that did not harm animals but actually elevated the shaving process. This be that very brush.

1. Calm the surface of the skin and soften hair follicles by applying warm water or a warm towel to the face.

2. Apply a small amount of 'Triumph & Disaster's Old Fashioned Shave Cream' to either a shave brush or palm of your hand. Do not use too much water as the shave cream is designed to work upon itself, too much water 'wets out' the cream.

3. Using a Shave Brush or your hands, create a bold lather on the area you will shave.

4. With a fresh razor, shave clean in long smooth strokes. Be careful to pull with the natural grain of your hair follicles.

5. Rinse clean & attack the day. 

We do recommend using a shave brush to create the perfect lather and give you the best shave. But it's not essential. A small dollop onto the palm of your hand can be worked up and applied just the same. 


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